Best Practices to Cure Insomnia


The purpose of writing this article is to teach insomniacs to overcome insomnia and sleep peacefully. Most people have experience of insomnia, and some are severe enough to stay up all night. Patients with severe insomnia more or less have such feeling, no matter how tired you are, it is difficult for you to fall asleep. Or you suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, counting ducks and sheep for several hours, but still couldn’t sleep, then you found it is dawn, you have to prepare to get up and wash. Such a horrible thing.

People with insomnia generally have the following reasons:

  • Environmental factors: noisy sound, strange environment, strong light, overheated temperature
  • Diet: coffee, tea
  • Disease factors: headache, insomnia, neurasthenia

Insomnia is not horrible. The horrible thing is the anxiety caused by insomnia. Over time, under the influence of wrong cognition, fear of insomnia will increase the anxiety of insomnia. The harder you go to sleep, the more you grow wakeful.

Quickly Solution of Insomnia

You are suffering insomnia, in fact, the major reason is that your mind is too active. Most people can’t fall asleep because they care too much about sleep, and the irritability and anxiety of insomnia follow, and these emotions aggravate the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, thereby increasing insomnia.

At this point, you only have to do two things to help quickly fall asleep.

  • Reduce brain activity and keep the mind relaxed
  • Shift attention to monotonous things

These two steps complement each other. When sleeping, the human body must be relaxed. You can’t fall asleep if the brain is too excited. By adopting special means, you can reduce your thinking consciousness activity, such as:

  • Close your eyes, turn your eyes, and make yourself feel dizzy.
  • Breathe deeply and quickly, let yourself lack oxygen, resulting in dizziness

After above activities of relexing you mind, you can listen to monotonous, repetitive sounds, thus shifting your attention from insomnia to other aspects, such as:

  • Sound of crickets
  • Sound of raindrops
  • Sound of the waves
  • Sound of birds
  • Sound of Soft piano
  • Your own breathing
  • Your own heartbeat rhythm

Repeat this way until you can sleep peacefully.

Effective Exercises

  • Exercise more, make your body tired, and turn your attention to the exhaustion of your body, so as to relax your mind.
  • Practice Tai Chi and learn to make you relax, not only to make your muscles relax, but also to mind.
  • Meditation helps strengthen your control over your mind

Correct Understanding of Insomnia

To understand insomnia correctly, the first thing to do is to correct the wrong cognition and reduce the anxiety and fear of insomnia. The adjustment of mentality is the primary solution. The more you care about insomnia, the more you can’t sleep. In fact, the effect of sleepless for a few hours on people is not as serious as you think. Seriously think about the following questions, there will be unexpected effect on the treatment of insomnia.

  • Find the real reason for insomnia
  • You should have something that makes you anxious or nervous, try to solve it.
  • Don’t think about how you fall asleep, because sleep is happening naturally when you are relaxed. You don’t need to care too much.
  • Don’t care about the psychological burden of insomnia. A fewer hours of sleep has little effect on your health.

I hope that you can sleep peacefully and have a good dream.