Caijun Sun, a PhD Candidate


I'm Caijun Sun and at present a PhD candidate at State Key Laboratory of Networking and Switching Technology(SKLNST) in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(BUPT) starting from Fall 2015. Before that I finished my master courses in Information Security from BUPT under the supervision of Dr. Wen Qiaoyan. I am currently working for Network Security Research Center(NSRC) at SKLNT with my advisor Dr. Qin Sujuan. A primary thrust for my current and future work focuses on developping data mining and machine learning algorithms in social informatics and NLP(Natural Language Processing). If you want to learn more about me, please visit my cv.pdf

姓孙,名才俊,字江南, 从本科开始接触编程,到现在也有若干个年头,跟大部分的互联网从业者相似,业余时间也喜欢写写代码,丰富下枯燥的生活。平时爱好比较广泛,喜欢涉猎一些互联网发生的新奇事物,如比特币,可惜入场太晚,不过与传统的玩家不同,现在已经转战量化交易;也有空没空收藏一些域名,从一无所知的小白,到后面小赚一笔,至今手头还有留存不少域名,当然,收藏为主,卖的少数。当前状态为博士科研狗,主要兴趣方向为社交媒体挖掘,自然语言处理,不过当前水平还是菜鸟中的菜鸟,本博客用于整理个人学习过程中的所思所想,本着原创的精神,所有博客中的内容都是个人挖掘出来的东西,宁缺毋滥。


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AutoBit: An auto trading robot for Bitcoin and Litecoin, earnings rate is 200% from January to August in 2015.
PrimeDFS: Another Distributed File System(DFS) based on FastDFS, incorporates techniques of P2P and Merkle Tree, also solves problems of Single Point Failure, Duplication, etc.
Oraclex: An category classifer for mobile apps relied on LDA and PLSA, ideas from this paper. However, the performance is not as good as the authors claimed.
IoVision: My present blogging system, for those who are in favor of markdown and Octopress.
DNMiner: An program used to find out some valuable domain names from millions of expired ones.


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